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Men's Funny Undies

These funny undies make great gag gifts
for guys such as elephant underwear, Mr. Nose Bikini Briefs, Tarzan Leopard Print Thong, 
a Referee G-String and more.



Price: 14.95

For the guy who likes to call the shots. Referee g-string....Read More


Tape Measure G-String

Price: 14.95

For the guy who measures up! Tape measure g-string....Read More


Thumbcuff G-String

Price: 14.95

For the guy who can't control himself. Thumbcuff g-string....Read More


Zip It Thong

Price: 14.95

Unzip your compressed file! Nylon lycra thong....Read More


Mr. Nose

Price: 15.95

Bikini briefs with personality and a conveniently placed front hole. Play Pinocchio with these whims...Read More


Squeaker Elephant

Price: 15.95

For the man who's serious about trunk space,the Squeaker Elephant G-String is a playful red elephant...Read More


Jungle Stud

Price: 15.95

The Jungle Stud is a leopard print thong with attached flaps in the front and back....Read More


Maitre'd Thong

Price: 15.95

Cooking tonight? Surprise someone with the MaĆ­tre D' Thong,the world's sexiest stretch tuxedo. Featu...Read More


Hot Lips

Price: 15.95

Everyone loves a hot kiss. This fun bikini features big red lips and a "mouth" cutout. Frenching enc...Read More



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